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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  July 26, 2019 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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cracks i have seen a no. is over here on the ice the first guy that did it the girls i guess the other guy that did it the girl said no. dangerous game. >> have a good day. brian: fox news alert. overnight, north korea solemn warning valley to carry out more missile tests. steve: this in response to joint military exercises planned between the united states and south korea. ainsley: we are live in the newsroom as tensions rise on the korean peninsula. reporter: in the regime is directly calling out south korea warmongers this morning demanding they stop importing weapons in carrying out military drills. according to state media kim jong-un claims north korea is developing super powerful weapon systems to remove the potential indirect threat. of the regime testfired
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two short-range ballistic missiles thursday for the first time since kim and president trump agreed to revive the denuclearization talks last month with the president telling sean hannity last night we are on the right to track. >> really haven't tested missiles other than you know smaller ones, which is something that they test, but with north korea we been doing very well, but it doesn't mean it will continue. we have a relationship. president obama had no relationship. had hillary clinton won the election he would be a war right now with north korea. reporter: a day earlier enron test of-- iran tested a medium range missiles. most recently they captured a british oil tanker and secretary state mike pompeo says iran actions will
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return-- determine how the us response. >> if they continue to build their missile program, continue to build on their nuclear systems and yet they want to tell the world they are defensive and being a normal nation. president trump has been clear we are watching their actions. reporter: secretary pompeo is asking all nations around the world to help defend those waters. steve: thank you. brian: everyone has to get in the game. why should we be the only ones using our navy? steve: what's interesting and i like the fact that she framed it there will be talks with the united states and north korea as planned. this was more pressure stuff we have seen from both sides in the past. with interesting about this time is there is no belligerent to talk from north korea towards the us as we have seen repeatedly. brian: the president's guy has this policy vendor reacting. of almost want to provoke us and we seem to be under reacting.
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ainsley: last night he was reacting to the muller investigation as he was on my sean hannity saying it is a witch and he's been dealing with it basically his entire presidency and here's a bit of the interview. with an. >> this was a fake a witchhunt and it should never be allowed to happen to another president again. this was treason. this was high crimes. may create disk sony crime and then they say he obstructed. they said there was no collusion, but he obstructed. the crime was committed on the other side. we will find out about that. we have a great attorney general looking at it. i have been hearing a lot of the media actually talking about investigate the investigators and more than that. i think a lot of good will come out of it. >> robert mueller said i can't talk about christopher steel infusion gps.
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the inspector general, so we should be interested to find out the role christopher steel, was a given that information from russia to us, so i think there's a lot of unwinding. will other media outlets cover this or just ignore it and focus on the know about the economy are to they put all their stock in first of all the muller reporter then it came out then we heard from him and it was a disaster. there is an item in the "washington post" that says the house intel in judiciary committee both felt blindsided that no one warned them how much muller had aged and they were regretful they forced a decorated vietnam war veteran to testified for their committee, something he did not want to do. ainsley: he didn't want to do it, but now that it's been completed now many people want to find out the origin.
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how did this happen and sean last i was asking the president about this saying you have the power to release the size application and he said that the toolbar has all that information and cities are respected gentlemen, high-quality person and he said he has all of it. he cave-- gave him a total relief and hopefully we will find out. steve: i bet that the classification come sooner rather than later. brian: robert mueller is between bernie sanders is a tenant of energy and president trump was a ton of energy so i do have to tell the democrats that muller is getting older. is very briefing he could've done behind-the-scenes? perhaps, but in the end he said he didn't want to talk anymore and he was pretty obvious after his nine minute press conference he was shaken steve: what was so shocking as he didn't have a lot of answers and it became clear that the muller investigation was driven by the staff and he was a
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figurehead. that's kind of how the media montage you are about to see has changed the narrative that maybe he wasn't running the show and was just the guy whose name was on everything. brian: i love montages. >> mole-- muller hearing did not deliver the punch they hoped for. >> long-awaited, but low-key appearance by robert mueller. >> because of that performance from muller i think light a fire under the need to speak to the people on his team who actually did the work. >> on this sort of distant figurehead figure of muller himself steve: there's that figurehead ward again and that is something don trump junior mentioned last night's. >> i think the american people finally saw it that this man who was the lead of the largest investigation in american history really the largest hoax at this point, ultimate reacting p back of public he was put there is a figurehead because he
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was former leader of the fbi, decorated marine and that he would do what's right, but no one is talking about this guy putting 19 leftist hillary clinton donor lawyers that worked on the clinton campaign. he had no idea who is running the shift-- ship. brian: adam shift and jerry nadler move ahead with impeachment talk with nancy posey saying do what you want, but be respectful of others. for example in trampling district said-- don't want any part of it. ainsley: she had a morning meeting yesterday with the democrats saying if you support impeachment don't disparage anyone else in our party that's not for. steve: joy behar had an observation had a-- and that was republicans were very disrespectful to a veteran. >> they were very disrespectful i thought, the republicans.
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they have a tendency to be disrespectful to veterans in this country i don't want to hear the republicans say they are the most patriotic party any more. i do want to hear it or foul-- family values as long as they are locking up children. i don't want to hear it anymore. brian: they're telling that to dan abrams? what is he going to do about it? steve: here's the thing about the robert mueller testimony. he didn't want to be there. a democrats forced him to show up. ainsley: i think everyone is grateful to our military, democrats republican. about bipartisan. he's a decorated veteran and we applaud him for that and we are grateful brian: presidency is on the line, the most powerful position in the world which is been under attack for two and a half years and if you cannot ask at the head of that committee a direct question, that's not disrespect. again,-- ainsley: that's what it looks like. brian: i'm just picking that up
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for the first time. steve: the reason they even called him out is because they were trying to call for impeachment. according to the papers out of washington, liberal groups are furious with nancy: see that she's been unable to make anything stick. right now there are 98 democrats that back impeachment, 42% of their caucus. there are a number of centrist democrats that say was a dud, let's move on, but to your point earlier with nancy trying to figure out what to do, the last thing she needs is for very vocal members of the democratic caucus to badmouth moderates. ainsley: that's what she's talking about. steve: exactly. brian: the exact quote is this according to people behind-the-scenes, she said do what you have to do for your districts that don't disparage those that are not for. she said not to make it a thing about the patriotism or lack thereof if they are not
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for it. maybe that will come up today when she meets with aoc behind closed doors. steve: maybe. brian: one thing is for certain, she want to listen. steve: one thing that was interesting yesterday, adam shift said he watched it all play out on capitol hill. he said rideout this point the only way donald trump is leaving office at this point is him being voted out, so that impeachment thing they did really talk about. brian: evidently they called out as because we were talking about waitstaff, aoc called us out saying "fox & friends" saying she has more experience as a waiter or bartender than we do. i would challenge her. i think i made better waiter then she is a bartender and i'm willing to take her on. she called us out about weight and tipping and everything. ainsley: you were a bartender? brian: i thought i was an
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exceptional waiter. ainsley: i was, also. brian: we should see who is better in a charity square off. steve: like the waiter games. brian: like the waiter games. ainsley: of what made you good? brian: i consolidated steps, didn't panic under fire and always willing to clean up. ainsley: did you ever have wait staff nightmares? i would wake up and be like i forgot to take the appetizers. brian: absolutely. ainsley: i was nice to everyone especially when i waited tables up north because it was a little different. i was willing to get yelled out by the chef. remember when you go back and say can we make a change of a deep mind night putting cheese on the macaroni or whatever , no, i don't want changes. i know, but please do at this one time. i was willing to get yelled at by the chef. brian: chefs are very short tempered. ainsley: did you?
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brian: i was a farmer. steve: i was a bartender for a wild. ainsley: i couldn't do that. steve: maybe after the meeting with nancy posey aoc could have the waiter came. brian: we should do it for charity. ainsley: can i clarify something i said yesterday? a president can be indicted when he leaves office. i was questioning if this president will be indicted based on the muller report. let's handed over to julian for headlines. reporter: i was also a waiter. ainsley: did you ever have the nightmares? reporter: i'm not going to lie. i was not a great server let's start off with this headline we have an following. we are many more this morning about what happened to jeffrey epstein founded nearly unconscious on the floor of his jail cell. investigators believe he was attacked and that an ex cop being held in the same unit-- not the same cell that was the who did it. originally there was suspicion he tried to injure himself, but
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focus has shifted to nicholas who is facing the death penalty for four drug-related murders. the new york post reported when epstein was found in his sale nicholas had earbuds in did not see or hear anything. a wake will be held for murder college student allie castille, one day after friends gather for vigil at the 21-year old former high school in st. louis. classmates and teachers call a hurry of sunshine >> i will cherish every moment every second that we spent with her. >> police believe valley was shot and killed by a classmate who is now behind bars. allie's funeral is tomorrow. the house passing a bipartisan bill to raise spending limits and raise the debt ceiling including budget gains in the us overseas and also adds $320 billion
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to federal spending over two years. president trump and tweeting, great for our military and veteran, it now heads to the senate pick the president is inspected to sign it if it passes. a space x rocket is on its way to the international space station. >> three, two, one, zero, ignition and liftoff of the falcon 9 rocket of the dragon spacecraft. reporter: the rocket taking off from cape canaveral bring more than 5 tons of supplies on board including adidas soccer ball and nickelodeon green next line. astronauts will study how it acts in zero gravity as part of a tip to get kids interested in science. that green slime is here forever, i think. steve: double-decker. ainsley: yes. brian: thank you. steve: remember when hillary clinton who was running for president at the time said this
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about the country. >> we are going to put coal mine or san coal cummings at a business. steve: she didn't and she lost them out business and coal country is actually moving. brian: the former democrat just celebrated with president trump and he joins us live next at visionworks, we guarantee you'll see great and look great. "guarantee". we say that too. you gotta use "these" because we don't mean it. buy any pair at regular price, get one free. really. visionworks. see the difference. we carry flowers that signifyn why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at
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>> i'm the only candidate which has a policy about how to bring economic opportunity using clean renewable energy is the key in the coal country because we are going to put a lot of coal mine her's and coal comedies that a business. steve: when hillary: it was ready for president in 2016 she threatened to put coal mine her's out of business and later lost every county in west virginia in the democratic primary. today under president trump business in the state is booming and west virginia's leading the nation in gdp in personal income growth and joining us is the governor of the great state of west virginia jim justice. good morning. >> good morning, steve. how are you doing?
3:20 am
steve: doing okay. and you heal your hillary clinton say those words three years ago now you think what was she thinking at the time because i was not helpful in west virginia for her. >> it surely wasn't helpful. i don't think she was thinking and i'm really happy to god above that all hold bunch of coal mine her's put her out of business. that was the best thing that could happen to this country. steve: let's focus on economic economic data for your state. first quarter 2009 personal income growth is up 5.6% gdp growth by .2 and compare that to my three years: she made those comments personal income growth was .3% and a gdp was a negative 2.5. how did west virginia turn it around? >> well, steve, a lot of hard to work. i will pay you the honest truth, the media doesn't have any idea
3:21 am
how to take president trump and myself. we are-- business people who are here to serve, not life or politicians who have suck the life of the people of the country over and over. we are creative, we make payrolls. in west virginia when i walked in the door we were dead last and it now just think can you imagine west virginia we were first in construction jobs, second in revenue, first in personal income growth, first and now in gdp, i mean, we are rolling, but there's a lot of things going on in west virginia today and we are proud to have our minors back to work, but we have tourism, manufacturing, roads, lots of stuff going on. steve: secretary of congress wilbur ross put out a tweet saying congratulations to west virginia and the west virginia governor for only having the fastest date personal income growth, but fastest state gdp growth coming in at 5.2%.
3:22 am
how critical to this turnaround was the president say i'm going to help with those miners back to work and following through on the promise? >> surely did. this president is remarkable and he's done an incredible amount of stuff in every way, but on top of that just think back when muller was on center stage i mean the man looked like a raccoon. if you look at his eyes he looked like a raccoon that had been chased by a pack of hounds. steve: he was having a bad day. >> well, not only that, it's the man that put the president through what we have gone through four almost two years, i mean, it's absolutely terrible, but this president is a remarkable man. steve: you know, after the testimony that mr. muller made he flew to west virginia and you were able to talk to the president. what did he say behind the scenes after the
3:23 am
muller testimony? >> well, i mean, to be perfectly honest it's almost like he knew what was coming, but you know he thought it was pitiful, i mean, he thinks it's just this, he thinks-- we have the gift it to be to take advantage of a man that has incredible experience. i face the same thing everyday. of the media doesn't understand you know you got people that make payrolls and know what to do, but this man, he was hopeful that someway somehow we had come to our senses and put something behind us and get on with things like national infrastructure program and on and on. steve: no doubt about it. governor: thank you for joining us live in telling us about the great story of west virginia. >> thank you so much. steve: 6:24 a.m. president trump says we will overcome the crisis with opioids. >> we will defeat this
3:24 am
opioid epidemic. we are going to overcome addiction in america. steve: john zero well corrupt with them i'm addicted to crack and said this is personal for him and he's opening up to us about what the president's promise needs to him. you will hear that coming up help people find their way. fastsigns designed new directional signage. ...and got them back on track. get started at it's just the way things are. when you're under pressure to get the job done, it seems you have to accept the fact
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3:28 am
richard sparked outrage when he was released from prison early, nearly 40 years after murdering a teenage girl in new york. he violated his parole, but it's unclear how. that some of the news, brian. brian: president trump out to make combating the drug a priority for its administration. >> families, communities, citizens across our country are currently dealing with the worst drug crisis in american history. working together we will defeat this opioid epidemic. we are going to overcome addiction in america. brian: now some progress total number of drug overdose deaths dropped 5% last year on the first decline since the early 1990. this issue is personal to our next guest, fox news regular who experienced firsthand the impact of addiction and the impact on his family and the
3:29 am
relationship in your case with your mom. first off, good news on the opioid epidemic, that's the challenge of these times correct? >> correct and i'm so thankful for what president trump has done talking about this, it's a very emotional topic for me because from my early childhood into my adult years, my 20s i was robbed of one of the most important precious relationships human being can have on this earth and that's a relationship with my mother. the thief that stole our relationship was pills, marijuana and crack cocaine and i'm not alone. of millions of americans have also face of this same drug demon and certainly i'm thankful that after all the time and all of the millions -- not really millions, millions of lives that have impacted from 1999 to may 2017 over 700,000 people have died from overdose of drugs and i'm happy to
3:30 am
say there's been a reduction, which i think it's something we need to have a further, certainly, but i'm thankful for president trump making this a central campaign problem-- promise in 2016 and committing $3.3 billion in funding to the state system in the form of grants to the ride this production. brian: opioids is a challenge down a lot of it came from painkillers from over prescribing doctors and big pharma was behind it, but you are really talked about the crack epidemic of you talk about in your broke. >> and crack cocaine. brian: going down the road and seeing your mom on the streets while you drive with 20 or grandparents; correct? >> yeah, not propelled me too politics. i talk in my book about taking for granted conservatism could take back and my grandfather who i saw almost every weekend was in construction business in a area of chicago called inglewood and i see a
3:31 am
lady who i knew was my mom. she looked drugged up and beat down and as we are writing by i noticed it wasn't her. mentioned to my grandfather what i had just seen and he told me after i asked what can i do to prevent this from happening he said was elected officials that can provide stronger penalties to those that distribute drugs and current funding for those that want to be rehabilitated in the very next week i started volunteering. this led to a life of public service because i thought it was literally saving my mother. i wrote this book because i know after having grown up with a grandmother extreme poverty with lights and gas and water was off at the same time and seeing what the liberal government officials wanted to do keeping us strapped in a cycle of dependency and victims, i wrote this book because i know our elected officials white, black or indifferent how to take us for granted
3:32 am
whether you are on the southside of chicago or the appellation region and your poor white working class they have take us for granted, they lied that the elites normally saying coal jobs would never come back, factory jobs would not come back and unemployment in the african-american community would always be high. of a lied to us and we are seeing a change in that dynamic now and i'm thankful to have people like you, brian to endorse my broke in anchorage everyone to to go to my site and preorder the book and also follow me on instagram, twitter and facebook. brian: here's an excerpt from the book. it says my core principles are with save me from becoming a statistic, the same values that it saved hundreds of millions whether they know it or not and still draw people from around the world to the us every single day and you get pushed back within the black community, but you did your research and you knew when republicans pushing for
3:33 am
abolition of slavery they were called the radical republicans and it was huge push back then. you are almost surprised to go back and look at history and see how the parties have flipped labels. >> you know, it's interesting the term black republican in the fact was a negative term pushed onto republicans because democrats thought that white republicans were too much for the african-americans. talk about the fact that the 1964 civil rights act were pretty much any civil rights bill ever pushed was actually pushed by way of republican support. even the one lbj was a part of the, senate democrats didn't want to support it and it was the republicans in the senate that made it happen. so, yeah i was misinformed coming up in a community in which so many other individuals are misinformed in a row to this book to check those false narratives. brian: it comes out in november and i had a chance to read it
3:34 am
and it's excellent. thank you. >> thank you. brian: coming up straight ahead, democrats say border detention centers are cruel. we are getting an inside look at one of the largest i.c.e. facilities in the nation. we are alive with a fox news exclusive. reporter: brian, those that have protested i.c.e. facilities went to abolish i.c.e. claiming detainees are mistreated in the facilities lack resources, well, we will take you inside for a rare look and let you decide for yourself when we come back ying y squeezed orange juice. now no fruit is forbidden. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? for great deals during our archery gear up sale. all the latest gear from archery's top brands. and huge savings so you can stock up for the season. bass pro shops and cabela's.
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>> instead of addressing the root causes of migration, competently manages the challenges that are part of the trumpet ministration esters into dehumanized immigrants and export the crisis. >> do you know what is dehumanizing cracks bringing the same people from the same agency to talk about this over and over and over again when my democratic colleagues have ideas. i may disagree with those ideas, but put a bill up. brian: they want the issue of the president not to treating illegal immigrants in a manner that is emblematic of something that they want. ainsley: ranking member on house judiciary from the great state of georgia was there sane in the middle of the opening statement he stopped and said i'm going to
3:39 am
stop right here because this talking and talking, let's pass something let's deal with family separation the way our constituents want to and pass a bill. steve: exactly, put up a bill and how may times have we heard the president say congress, do something. pass a bill to close loopholes and do something about amnesty. we will talk to matthew, matt albence that acting i.c.e. director and a little bit we will ask him about his impression regarding mr. collins yesterday. brian: is like if you are a firefighter seeing a neighborhood on fire and instead of turning on the hose you check your watch and a sake my shift is over. they are going on vacation for six weeks leaving border patrol with this crisis. ainsley: we are standing there watching this instead of picking up the hose and doing something about it. brian: they could act, state throughout the weekend, stay until they get something done.
3:40 am
democrats could get what they want in terms of the republicans fixing the problem. steve: if they stayed until they got something done, it could be a long time because it's political season and they don't want to give the president credit. that hearing was about family separation and democrats slammed border detention centers as being concentration camps. foxnews has a inside look at one of the largest i.c.e. facilities. ainsley: griff jenkins joins us live with exclusive to work you won't see anywhere else. good job back thanks to quito, you talked about congress, congress has appropriated for about 46000 beds in i.c.e. custody and i.c.e. has about 53000 custody across a kosher he. of facility here is one of the largest, so we went with the acting director of the la field office inside to have a look at what the conditions are really like and here's what we saw. watch. where are we?
3:41 am
>> currently in the intake process of the i.c.e. center in this facility here house is up to 1000 detainees after they are classified and booked in by the facility we are giving them hygiene items, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste as well as bed linens, socks, shower shoes in the uniform. medical care is a top-notch priority with full-time medical clinic here in one thing we offer for consulate phone calls and pro bono attorney with every phone call. reporter: what is this area here >> we are in the special housing unit in this area individuals detained here are individuals that have committed infractions. reporter: like fighting? >> most common infraction that's occurred is refusing orders and fighting. while they are in here that open movement and the ability to roam around the area.
3:42 am
we have phones for them to use, books for them to use and individuals can play xbox and watch movies. reporter: i presume this is the recreation yard? >> we are in the recreation yard and we offer to the detainees anywhere from two to back three hours a day if not more depending on availability. reporter: in terms of the characterization with the big national debate, what do you want people to know? >> when these individuals are detained we are giving them care and custody they need and we will do everything we can to keep them safe while detained. reporter: very different picture than what we saw on the border at the border patrol processing center. these are the people that will have come from there. criminal records arrested for another crime in i.c.e. had to go and detain them. while lawmakers talk about trying to abolish i.c.e. and that there are inhumane conditions
3:43 am
inside, we not only talk to director guys, we spoke with migrants who chose to speak with me and in this case a migrant from el salvador had this to say when i asked him how things are glistened. listen. here, how do you think the conditions are? >> for me it's great. i can see my family, hug my family. they come from an hour and a half away with traffic and all of that stuff, half-hour, sometimes 25 minutes. cut off real quick behind the glass, but here i've contacted my family. i can have my kids. reporter: they have about over 1700 and custody here. they are all adults over 18. the women is a separate facility similar to the one we saw, just housing a different facility. there are no children here.
3:44 am
any family separation would have happened at the border. children are being housed in different facilities either in a family type unit or individual children holding facility run by the office of refugee, but certainly interesting to see what's happening here at the detention facility that i.c.e. runs they certainly could use more support from congress you have a chance to talk with acting i.c.e. director, matt albence, later. steve: point of clarification, the people being detained there are being detained until what happens? reporter: good question. they are being detained until their court is heard, their day in court, so many of these folks in the case of noel, he came as a child and achieved his green card status but he committed a crime for which he was incarcerated and i.c.e.
3:45 am
took him after he was released from prison and so his deportation, here on the premises doj has six immigration courts so they can be processing at, but they are staying here and in custody until their immigration status is determined by a judge. of the average stay here is about 75 or 75 days. some have been here longer. brian: 53000 single adults are being detained. ainsley: griff has been on the border at that i.c.e. facility now, thank you for giving us a glimpse. steve: eye-opener. julian joins us with a word from the president about the mayor of new york. reporter: but still you what's going on. president trump in new york city mayor trading jabs over water bucket attacks on the nypd. >> probably the worst mayor in the history of new york city.
3:46 am
he's done a bad job and now is running for president. people can't even believe it. he's a horrible. policeman and women cannot stand him. >> i will debate him about what is right for new york city. he will not be welcome back in new york city. reporter: three videos surfaced this week of people attacking cops with water. three people including a gang member were arrested, but are now back on the street police sergeant paul's two kids from hot car in a dramatic rescue caught on camera. watch this. >> it's okay, guys. it's okay. we got you. reporter: temperatures in the '90s, the ohio sergeant using his baton to smash a window and unlock the doors. about girls were okay after their parents accidentally locked to
3:47 am
them in the suv outside walmart. at no charges were filed a man walks away and harmed after a tire smashes into a car and highway. watch this insane video as a loose wheel rolling down the new jersey highway and jumping the median. look at this here smashing into the front of an off-duty police officer's car. he was not seriously hurt. the tire appears to be from a dump truck. police are investigating that's crazy video. a patriotic punishment that fits the crime. missouri teenager caught stealing eight american flag from a car wash. of the owner, a veteran, posted a video on facebook and several people quickly identified the thief who call the store to apologize. of the owner that invited him out to hand out american flags to customers in the teenager agreed saying he wanted the young man to learn a lesson
3:48 am
without getting arrested. sometimes i think that is the best way. steve: absolutely. he wanted out against the one red white and blue. we all love fox nation. we are all the members of the fox nation. steve: i have it right here my phone. ainsley: a lot of history stuff on there, you have done cooking stuff so they asked if i could-- they could come to my house and sit down and watch as do my bible study because i'm a bunch of girls in new york that meet at my apartment occasionally. they came and filmed and since then it has he told. we have done interviews in different places. steve: taking it on the road. ainsley: took it on the road and the latest one dropped on fox here's a little clip. >> we are craving world conversation, opportunities to really wrestle with issues that are important to us and keep us up at night. what would you say to someone in the deep end right now? >> you will get through it. it takes time. trust in god and give it to him.
3:49 am
give it to him in the moment you do you will see him work and if you tell, you are in it on your own and i highly recommend you go to him because you can't do it on your own and if you do you will fail. brian: who was there with you? ainsley: kristin limbaugh who works here, megan alexander is a correspondent on inside edition with deborah norville, she's the one in the blond hair and to the right of her as my friend who also works in the industry and behind-the-scenes and she is so amazing and sweet, so these are some girls in my bible study. that's not my apartment, that's actually downtown , but sometimes we have six people or 12 people. brian: is a hard to be open with the cameras there? ainsley: it's really not because y'all know me, i mean, i feel like i put me in this position because he knew i would be bold about my faith and i love talking about it because i was just in this pit i felt like in college and called-- god pulled
3:50 am
me outside when to share that with other people so i enjoy talking about it. i talk about it with my daughter all the time at home. it's my handbook, the bible. steve: if you don't have fox nation yet go to fox or on your smart phone go to that download it. ainsley: netflix for conservatives. steve: box nation. brian: first it was the entire city and now hackers are targeting schools are one governor declared a state of emergency. that tips you need to know to keep your kids safe. that story next
3:51 am
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ainsley: first hackers were going after entire cities, now they could be targeting our children. brian: governor edwards to clean a state of emergency after a cyber attack compromised three's cool systems in northern louisiana. steve: here with what you need to know to protector kids is kurt the cyber guy. we have heard about how hackers can tiger-- target governments and
3:55 am
asked her in return to get their data back. do we know the nature of the cyber attacks in this case? >> what we know and good morning to you, we know this is underway right now. they are not resolved this and this is why the state of louisiana for the first time ever declaring a state of emergency related to a cyber attack. of they know it's targeted the three parishes and schools inside of their. they think it could have gone to other aspects of the government and they are examining that now. in the meantime, it leaves us wondering, what you do in the case of this happening in other parts of the country or if you live in louisiana how do you deal with your kids going to the school systems? steve: one thing, keep all devices they use up-to-date with the latest operating software meaning when some sort of malware comes out they see great way to get around it so the next thing you know if you don't down met-- download it you are vulnerable. >> it's a cat and mouse
3:56 am
game constantly played with hackers versus the companies that design the operating software with its android or ios four iphone. we need to do as you see that happening on your device make sure your kids devices are also updated protecting them against these attacks and also ironically even with your kids you have to have stronger and stronger passwords. that will help out and then thirdly you would never even think to do this, but it's important. if you believe, for example if you are the state of louisiana now and believe me it's not unique to louisiana. it will happen more and more. should one of your kids have their personal data exposed to the extent that someone else could use that to get credit, you want to make sure you take the steps necessary to do a temporary credit freeze on your child's credit report because believe me a 12-year old or should not be buying a car but it happened.
3:57 am
someone uses that data and gets credit. brian: usually you need a big down payment if you are a 12-year old. steve: for more information go to cyber brian: chicago's mayor sparking outrage after getting hot-- caught on a hot mike at the alzheimer's association walk to end alzheimer's, we carry flowers that signify why we want to end the disease. and we walk so that one day, there will be a white flower for alzheimer's first survivor. join the fight at who used expedia to book the vacation rental which took them to the place where they discovered that sometimes a little down time
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a lot of good food out there if you have sandals 16 different restaurants that any resort. five star global dining. and required do you know? >> yag. required -- because of the beach you don't have to wear closed toe shoes. remember back in the day. couples only you and dawn went no kids. [laughter] >> that's great. it is you can't go wrong. put it this way so hard to pack a mace to go if you pick sandals it is one stop shop all of the work. >> all a inclusive you go and like salad, the salad and you sy may i have another one and it is free. >> you can put your plate up. there you go. no words. since sandals is bringing food to know the act is skillet
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cooking your eggs. democrats slam centers as concentration camp conditions. fox news we have inside look at largest i.c.e. facilities in the country. pfnt griff joins us right now from california with an exclusion uv tour you're not going to see anywhere else we've heard about conditions at these places they've opened the door with your camera now we've got a really good idea what goes on. >> that's right. steve, brian we heard across the country protesters here, but they were inhumane condition here that they lack out of supplies no access to health care about well acting director of the l.a. field office here for i.c.e. in los angeles thomas took us inside to see every inch every corner of this space we wanted to see quite remarkable that is at bit different of a picture painted by some lawmakers. take a listen.
4:03 am
acting director where are we? erchls in the process of the ice process and this facility here houses up to 9,000 after they get classified and after they get booked in by the facility. we're give them hygiene items they have soap shampoo conditioner, toothbrush toothpaste as well as they get -- they get bed linen shower, shoes and then their uniform when detained here. medical care is a topnotch priority we have one thing that we do offer here is for a phone call and pro bono attorney a free phone call for the detainee. >> what is this here? >> currently in special housing unit here. in this area individuals that are detained here individuals that have committed infractions -- >> fight or just most common in -- custody. most common pin fraction that's occurred here is staff borders in i thought tooing while they're in here they have open movement and you can, they have the ability to roam around the
4:04 am
area here. we have phone calls, phones for them to use. we have book for them to use and individuals play xbox and watch movies. this is recreation yard. >> right now we're in the recreation yard, and we offer the detainees anywhere from two to three hours day if not more depending on availability. in terms of the characterizes out there there's a big national debate but what do you want people to know? >> when these individuals are detain ad here we're giving them care and custody they to do everything to keep individuals safe while they're detained here. >> i.c.e. has about 53,000 individuals in their custody across the country. the facility here at adelanto is one of the largest of about 31 across the country. the population here about 60% of them have criminal records were convicted of a crime before they were brought here we spoke to one of the detainees inside that was willing to speak with us it
4:05 am
wasn't a prearrange interview i said would this individual talk with me he said his name is hernandez from mexico, i asked is him how conditions are. this was his response. listen. >> do you think this is humane treatment? >> yeah. i think it is. yeah. i think it is. a blessing you know, a blessing to wake up and have a little bit of freedom and get out and watch -- be able to talk to other detainees, and like that. you know other places that you don't get that treatment. >> in just to explain a little bit to our viewers facility here is run by geo i.c.e. contracts with them different than the border patrol processing center you saw that are overcrowding town in texas and el paso elsewhere. this is run by i.c.e. in interior we're about two hours east of los angeles. guys. >> all right griff thank you very much. bing in matt he's the acting
4:06 am
i.c.e. director he join us from our nation's capitol good morning to you. >> good morning . good morning. you know, griff's tour of that is an eye opener not a lot of people have heard a lot about those places but we've heard concentration camps, things like that. those images are -- an eye opener. >> well, they are for those people that had aren't informed in the way we actually run our detention centers. and that one is is just representative of all of our detention centers that is how we run our detention facilities if they're safe, humane and secure, the individuals are not there for punitive purposes or being punished or sentenced for criminal violation but detained pending immigration proceedings or prior to removal. >> right, and the -- people who have described the facilities as concentration catches those are the ones closer to the border operated by border patrol. which is different than the i.c.e. facilities, right? >> that's true. but i would still disagree with that characterize. border not made for a long-term
4:07 am
detention and we've been so aggressive with congress trying to get the funding so that we can get those bodies out of the border patrol stations into facilities such as this. we've been asking congress for years to fund our detention at the level that question need and they've failed to do so. if they had funded us with 52,000 beds that we requested ny19 you would not see conditions in the border facility right now. >> they went home rather than help out and address the problem, they're going home for six weeks. how does that leave i.c.e. well i understand there's 900,000 cases out there . some of which are going to stop i.c.e. facilities you round them up. what does that do to the men and women who do what you do every day? >> well look men and women of i.c.e. are dedicated professionals they did a great job request really complex and difficult circumstances. not a whole lot of support from congress definitely not a lot of support in the media but they're out there every day doing best they can under tremendously difficult circumstances. >> so do you foal how does it feel being vilified by doin what
4:08 am
they've been hired food? >> shameful things that are said about officers as well as officers we're merely enforcing laws that has passed and we do it well and effectively as you can look at detention center you hear about rhetoric of the poor treatment that they are receiving when it is exact opposite we spent $270 million this year on detaining medical help. >> so matt what's your message to folkses that say abolish i.c.e.? : those don't know what they're talking if you want to abolish i.c.e. you're saying that you don't want 140 criminals removed every year and you don't have 44,000 criminal arrests that each made last year to be made. what you're saying is you don't want children saved from sexual exploy tigs and human trafficking actively engaminged in that kind of victimization being saved. you're say you don't want to have a secure country you want to close down visa security post which stops terrorists bad actors overseas. so you really don't know what
4:09 am
you're talking about or taken time to learn about about our agency if you want to go out there to say things like that. >> matt we've talked about sanctuary city an sanctuary states that do not cooperate with i.c.e. nowst there a new something to talk about and that is in cincinnati they're passed by town counsel, they're going to go to vote on it i believe next woke and form a network to gate potential i.c.e. raids of migrants there. counselmen pj yesterday announced said if you pay our taxes, if you raze your family here, if you're adding to the diversity of our neighborhoods and all of our immigrant refugee families are doing this you're absolutely a member of our community. and it sounds like they want to protect them. >> well look we have a job to do we're going to continue to do our job. if anybody actively engageses in trying to interfere with our officers executing their lawful duties we will work the u.s. office to pursue prosecution on anybody that interferes impedes
4:10 am
or assault officers in process of doing their jobs. what about speakers and governors speaker of the house who gives tips up to legal immigrants how to avoid detained by i.c.e. officers? >> brienl it is really incredible we're executing law it is that congress has passed. under framework that congress has set up for immigration process, we're the only agency only law enforcement agency anywhere in this country that you have ever heard being told hey, go ahead had and lawful issue order of a judge. incredible. >> m.a.d.d. we've talked a lot if you bring a child over they're telling folks down in central america to you take a child, through -- you're going to be tiebl get out of one of the detension center all the quicker released into the united states. so what are y'all doing to combat that? you're launching dna testing program. >> we vp reason a pilot in the summer xfs extremely successful. we did get a little l money from congress in supplemental to increase that. so right now we've got -- hs and homelands security investigations has special agents intel analysts down at
4:11 am
the border right now and 7 border patrol locations running dna test after just the first week. 20% of the cases that were referred to us from border patrol were fraudulent and most of the individuals broke to the fact that they weren't family members before they got dna testing. >> what do you do with adults in that situation? >> a lot of times they're not kids but individuals that are 20, 22 years old that are posing as i children pose as family members so we're prosecuting those cases we prosecuted 15 cases last year just excuse me last week just out of the pilot since we've surged border with resources a couple of months ago we've prosecuted almost 700 cases for all sorts of fraud and smuggling. >> what happens this -- well a couple of weeks ago president was talking about how they were beginning to i.c.e. it was going to have an enforcement action they were targeting 2,000 individuals who -- who have been completely adjudicated time or for them to go targeting 2,000 supposedly they were going to be -- enforcement action across about a dozen cities. i was reading in the new york
4:12 am
the new york time when is it was all done only a couple of dozen people were actually detained by i.c.e.. what number is it that -- were picked up? >> well with regard to i think you're speaking specifically to family and it is qort 35 individuals that were arrested during the course of that target enforcement axon a small subset of family that has been ordered deported but steve you have to look at the big picture. there's over 40, 50,000 family units this is a problem that started in 014 so tens of family that have removal orders from immigration judges and out there every day continuing to pursue those orders and executing them >> vilified for doing your job so ridiculous matt thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. have a good weekend. all right 7:12 here in new york city. >> and jillian has headlines. good morning to you. >> get with the fox news alert right now. tensions are growing as iran test fires a medium range ballistic missile.
4:13 am
the move comes more than a month after iran first shot down a u.s. drone. north korea shooting off its own ms l test this week, and promising even more. the regime issuing a solemn warning south korea, dmapgding it stop carrying out military drills with the u.s. thursday launch marks first test since president trump met with kim jong-un last month. a brain-eating ameba killed a man week after his visit to a north carolina water park. eddy grey died after an outing with his church group to fantasy lake water park caused his death is monoin warm fresh water lakes but only causes damage if it is somehow gets up the nose. there have been 145 known cases in the u.s. since 1962. all but four of them deadly. bernie sanders insisting they want to get rid of private insurance . . do away with private insurance
4:14 am
altogether now i choir that twist makes it an impossible sell for people. >> i don't think so. ting that it is exactly what american people want polling to justify. what is function of the insurance companies? >> it is to make as much money as they can. >> multiple polls, though, have shown support for medicare for all drop if it eliminates private insurance. and this is wrath rather interesting bubba wallace makes daring bet to get a tattoo tweeting these photos of the king richard petty sign his arm and offing to get it inked on his skin if he got more than 43,000 retweets. well, guess what had, right now it has over 44,000 but he did say he gave it 24 hour, and i believe that -- surpass that mark when it hit 44,000. who knows. i don't think he's going to get it. >> he'll do it? >> do you? never forget it. you think people do to. no. why wouldn't he? richard is the king. you have a -- still. i don't know. we'll see. indeed. all right. thank you.
4:15 am
>> thank you jillian mayor sparking outrage after getting caught on hot mic slamming police union leader. listen. >> net speaker is murray. >> oh, back again. [inaudible conversations] how did that guy feel about that? going to piepgd find out. he is live next. (drum roll) and the record for longest-lasting aa battery goes to... (cymbal crash) energizer ultimate lithium. guinness world records title holder for longest-lasting aa battery.
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was such an amazing reminder of all the love and support that everyone has for my dad. - [narrator] check out our huge selection of custom t-shirts and more, for teams, businesses, and every occasion. you'll even get free shipping. get started today at >> chition is mayor lauri underfire after caught on hot mic at a city council meeting call ation police union leader a clown. next speaker is pat murray. oh, back again. lown -- >> l mayor making the remarks while the vice president of chicago paternal order of police defended four officers who were pish fired for involvement in a shooting joining us to respond is chicago had vice president pat murray. patrick gong to you thanks for joining us.
4:20 am
good morning tell us what happened last week. j me calling out mayor last month about her transition teams. about her to reform the chicago police department and not including the fop in any excluded us from each meeting. so this isn't first time you guys have had heated exchanges? when you go down to counsel meeting to talk mayor is supposed to listen to each a 30 minute presentation you get three minutes there's ten speaks and she responded when i called her out about her -- amendment to put transition team without this was not the first time. >> not the first styl were you -- you were walking up to podium did you hear her say these remarks? performing no i did not. it was sad so softly she said it to the attorney next to her. and it was said so softly picked up on live mic but i didn't hear
4:21 am
it and my phone began blowing up. did she apologize to you? >> no she's not only has not apologized. she's had several opportunities to apologize. and i really believe she doesn't think she did anything young. >> this is what she said after it was caught on hot mic. listen to this . i think i just did i said i shouldn't have said that outloud. >> sorry -- >> i'm sorry that i said it outloud. >> is that an apology? >> no it is not an apology. i think she poling to everyone who comes down there to talk to city council all of the citizens that live in chicago and actually chicago police officers that i represent. >> will you fell folks at home what you do on daily basis because police officer don't get paid a lot you put your life on the line prefer day but tell folks what your daily duty is every day. >> representative pa ternal order of police to field calls.
4:22 am
i go out on shootings. trial and when police officers are are murdered or seriously injured i go to the hospital and i'm just actually not a 9-5 job but it's 24/7 responding to things on daily basis. >> if you're home alone and alarm goes off or someone comes to your house and you don't feel safe you call a police officer they're there to protect you, protect your kids and make sure you are safe. it is terrifying if you've ever been in that situation. so i thank you personally for everything that you do. i know that y'all work hard long hour, and it can be scary at times so what does that uniform mean to you when you put it on? >> i work for 29 years this uniform gives me an opportunity help to people all over the neighborhoods that i work in.
4:23 am
and it's that's basically i stand for guys i've had several police officers friends of mine that were murdered on this job. and i stand for guys and police officers that work today that's why i stands for. >> we love you hard to watch videos of people dumping water on our police officers here in new york. thank you so much patrick for being with us. god bless you. >> i appreciate it. thank you. >> you're welcome. congresswoman omar caused controversy since taking office and some people are thinking about challenging her now including the investor of my pillow. will mike make a run for it? we're going to ask him next. ♪work so hard give it everything you got♪ ♪strength of a lioness tough as a knot♪ ♪rocking the stage and we're never gonna stop♪ ♪all strength, no sweat... just in case you forgot♪ ♪all strength, no sweat... ♪no no no sweat...
4:24 am
4:25 am
4:26 am
lowering prescription drug prices. expanding criminal background checks on gun purchases. blocking secret corporate money from elections. and giving dreamers a path to citizenship. the new democratic majority in the house of representatives is proving they're up to the challenge. but, mitch mcconnell's blocked every one of these important bills from getting a vote in the senate. that won't stop house democrats. tell them: keep up the fight for what's right for america's families.
4:27 am
time now as you can see there by the number first number 300,000 that's how many new residents florida is getting every year. economists predict total population will top 22 million by 2022 most people will move there as opposed to being born there. next, more than 66,000 that's how many people have signed petition to move halloween to last saturday in october. rather than the 31st. supporters say it will allow for a safer , longer, stress free celebration with no school, and more parents at a home. taking kidsed out trick-or-treating and fennelly, that's how many suspects will have their opportunity to retake their mug shot. a texas sheriff office post on with the top five most wanted criminals if you don't like your picture you can come in and get a picture taken very clever they go and have their picture taken and don't get arrested. don't like the way i'm depicted in the photo.
4:28 am
get a new picture. i should. 27 minutes after the top of the hour one of america most recognizable entrepreneurs could be stepping into politics. listen to this. >> there's somethings going on you don't even see and i'll tell you this i'm going to do so much in minnesota over next year and a half you won't see any blue. that will be interesting my pillow mike leave people wondering if he's going to run for office he joan us now to set the record straight. the investor self-made multimillionaire ceo of my pillow mike lindell mike so you're a man of action. qen that for sure. so is your action going to take you to take on another congresswoman omar? in minnesota -- >> well, well the answer is not at this time. i've that was kind of taken all out of context but i did say if -- if the lord wanted me to run i would run, and it was like all of these yesterday i was bombarded in the news they're going we heard you're with run
4:29 am
we heard you're running -- i would love to do it. but i've got such a big platform going on right now and i want to help the president help -- help turn minnesota completely red, and get right people in office to be one of the amazing states in the country. >> mr. my pill reyou feel omar let down the people of minnesota in what way? >> well i just think that the, you know, i've had a different thing she's done, different businesses where my business is at, and i think going against israel, and this to me for me my christian value and what our country is all about and i think it starts right here in my home state. you know, i used it be a crack-cocaine addict i came out of that i go what's going on in our country and our state? and i had to learn will all what a conservative was a liberal was what i had to learn all of this
4:30 am
stuff and then i met the president before he was president, and all of the things he said he was going to do and all in and that's how i really got involved in -- in politics was because of him because everything that the good thing that are going on now that he told me back then when we met he kept all of his promises and i want to get word out that great things that are going on in our state and not focused on anybody that is doing anything that's i think they all speak for themselves so things that they're doing. sm mike. you are -- you have lived the american deem you know you are at one of your worst moment i'm sure when you're using crack-cocaine, and then now we all have your pillow on our heads and i walk into bed bath and yongd on tv screens so we know your story. but for the folks that doapght know all of the details tell us what happened how old were you when you started crack-cocaine and led you to start doing this
4:31 am
company? >> in early 80s i wases doing cocaine and i was a very functioning cocaine addict for about 20 years and that switched to crack-cocaine in the early 2000 and god gave me and idea for the pillow in 2004 and i put everything i had into it and poured everything into it and when i got it invented i was turned down everywhere and i did home show and fairs throughout the united states throughout the midwest. going making them at night selling them during day and final i did that first infomercial and quit everything god set me free of drugs and alcohol, everything forever. but i did my first infomercial in 2011. and interesting enough i couldn't talk to people when i come off drugs was shy like a false courage and when i went to do that first infomercial i said i want a friend of mine and we were doing our reads night before, and this producer guy
4:32 am
text other guy he goes this is worst i've ever seen. he goes he's never going make it on tv, and -- the next day i did like nine takes i was so afraid, and finally i said can we just take the teleprompter dun and let me do it like i did it at the shows, and if launched october 7, 2011 and middle of the night from 5 employees to 500 in 40 days. >> unbelievable. all in your book what are the odds from crack addict to ceo presaling right now, and tell us about the cover because it looks like a hologram where you see you -- as the crack addict and then it you move the book a little bit and you see you are today. >> yeah. that picture was taken drug dealers did intervention on me, and i was up for 14 day website and they did an intervention they said you know we're i couldn't buy crack anywhere and they said, they go --
4:33 am
mike you've been telling us for yores that this pl low platform for god and you're going help to us with addictions and everything, and so i put made that that a hologram on the book and big story is i'm launching with help from these presales launching is called lynn dale recovery network going to help revolution millions of addicts tens of thousands of jobs, i was there when the president signed the opioid bill that ties into that and his fashion to get rid of this -- opioid crisis and this is where i'm going. >> mike lindell thank you so much for tell your story i guess the president will be real happy to know to switch minnesota red. the state that gave us al franken and governor ventura now you want to chain -- >> but also gave us my pillow god is so great a great story. happy had for you. >> thank you god bless you all. thank you.
4:34 am
>> thanks mike. meanwhile a good guy with a gun comes to the rescue. >> he's a hero a hero thank god he was here. thank god he was holding a gun, and he saved our life. dramatic take down inside a 7-eleven plus all american series brought to you platinum rock down skillet is in the house so is sandals.
4:35 am
4:36 am
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♪ >> in about a half an hour and we will talk to the band in about two minutes. they're so cool. you've got to go get their new album comes out victorious a christian rock band. this is how powerful they are forced off the charts. because they're so crowded with
4:39 am
people we have to be up here. >> huge following joining us in a matter of moments but what are we doing news? >> going to news and jill l i can has headlines. packed out there i'll see you in a little bit for now let's talk about this story that we're following . a licensed gun owner held a hero for stopping armment ises at a 7-eleven. i thought therm going to shoot us thank god he was had holding gun, and he saved our life. >> virginia beach police say that customer killed one suspect and other was taken to the hospital. officials believe they are linked to three other 7-eleven robbery. a minor league baseball team is being forced to defend its blue live matters flag patch. marilyn team has been wearing this thin blue line flag on their yiewsm to honor two sheriff deputies killed in line of duty three years ago. but someone on social media slammed team for getting political some even calling it racist.
4:40 am
all right so you know that saying what happens in vegas stays in vega well if it is true the rest of us could feel lucky because sin city is hoping to be taken over by grasshoppers. look at this video all over social media showing thousands of the bugs around vegas strip and covering sidewalks. scientists say the invasion could be due to a wet winter and spring. then this story a woman get a sweet delivery for her birthday this amazon box is actually a cake. emily husband thought it would be perfect since she get about three a.m. son packages every week who doesn't? even shipping label was edible featuring address one, two, three birthday lane. look at your headlines now let's go back outside. thank you with 2 billion online streams multiplatinum rock band is getting the world by success.
4:41 am
gearing up for release of the brand new album and crowd is cheering in the background victorious right now here's the lead singer jon cooper and guitarist and cory cooper robert and lead guitar fist seth. good morning to you. >> what's up it is great to be here. smg great to have you as well. i love this story of the name skillet because when you guy work in other bands and you've got together and where did this name come from? >> yeah it was actually my pastor at the time said you start a band with other members of different bands, and be like throwing everything into a skillet all of the different ingredients and then he said somebody says you should call it skillet that would be funny we were like okay. >> what was backup name? >> casserole skillet -- casserole is worse. the success this have band and huge audience and so passion gnats. how do you explain it? >> our fan base they're hard core, dedicated grassroots follow and basically catapulted
4:42 am
us into selling a bunch of records. >> how did y'all meet and come together? >> when we started we were -- three members me and two other guys. cory and i got married almost right we've been on the road 22 years ever since we got married raise our kids on the road whole thing. jen goes to our church friend of a friends and tear ten years now so been together over ten years. sfnlgt that bus your house? >>s that our house you're not allowed many. not kidding. how many miles on your house? >> oh that's a fifth bus we've had that's got over a million on it. >> no kidding. two -- how does that work do you homeschool? >> virtual e academy doing school online and front lounge so that is school time. >> explain to me this. a lot of people don't link christian music and heavy metal where did you think that would work clearly it worked but why do you think that it is? >> because rock 'n' roll is all about singing something you
4:43 am
believe in and if it goes against the grain that's better the rock 'n' roll is about so for me writing about my faith, saying my three minutes to write something i believe many, it doesn't matter what they think this is my song many my song up in here that's where it works. >> one of your songs is feel inveins public because it has been very popular right? >> i hope so. yes it has. [laughter] the reason i mention that, platform never seen it. platinum congratulations thanks i love. this is heavy. how heavy this thing is. oh, my gosh i love it. thank you so much. never seen it. that's awesome. but the surprise doesn't stop there does it? [laughter] >> i don't know. >> good question good answer. you have a graphic novel, and your character? >> yes. tell me about about your character? >> i'm myself and i'm not in a rock banding but a supertough
4:44 am
lumber jack and science fiction called eden and yeah . this is for you in honor of your packing for action. a lot more jacket and lumber. >> oh, my tbosh my dream has come true i get to be on "fox & friends" holding an ax. yeah definitely they won't let me around with that. >> how did y'all become christian? >> well i was raised in a christian family. my -- memphis. memphis tennessee, i feel weird talking about this -- but pass it around. anyway, but my mom was a jesus fanatic and i grew up learning about bible ever since i was a kid and i had had faith in god there has to be a god he's been my hope, and my life and that's why we've write songs about our faith. >> you must know about the bible series. i do know it be. >> is that a wonderful -- relationship he sit in perhaps?
4:45 am
could whole band sit in? >> come on baby, we're in if you want somebody smart with the bible that would be cory funny smart but we would love to do if. j thank you. i have seen it on fox nation i'm a subscriber. not work for the best network they allow us to air our bible study. amazing. history lpszs on fox nation. >> are they the skillet -- >> no the pan heads buzz our fans have been so -- so supportive of skillet for so long it makes sense that we've bander this long they cotom 6 a.m. to watch us play. we love you, and they're the reason, man. >> going to start playing in about 15 minutes. very good. ladies and gentlemen, round of applause skillet. and remember if you don't applaud he's got an ax. [laughter] >> that's right. wait are you kids on the bus right now? >> they are. you have to bring them only
4:46 am
stage later. >> okay. okay. music we'll do that. >> thanks for joining us meanwhile joe billedden has got expense i-taste and campaign spent 12,000 dollars on pia but that's just an appetizer by democrats so far, coming up next. ♪ ♪ did you know you can save money by using dish soap to clean grease on more than dishes? try dawn ultra. dawn is for more than just dishes. with 3x more grease cleaning power per drop, it tackles tough grease on a variety of surfaces. try dawn ultra.
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>> good morning to you welcome back quick headlines nows coast guard bust cocaine smugglers in a high speed chase in the pacific ocean. look at this dramatic video shows crew members approaching motor boat with guns drawn. the smuggler frantic frantically tried to toss during the chase and viral for a submarine drug bust will be honored.
4:51 am
[inaudible conversations] unidentified officer will be recognized for his tremendous heat of bravery in the pacific ocean the cruse confiscated 91 million wot of drug. steve. thafnlg guy was amazing. thank you jillian meanwhile some 2020 democrats have very expensive taste campaign filings of presidential kaipghts are are raising eyebrows following latest round of fec spending disclosure. friends right now to disclose some of them a few of the most expendtures conservative partnership, institute policy director rachel boulevard joins us from our nation capitol good morning to you. >> good morning so these are crazy number where is do they come from? >> they come from ftc filings. people comb through these reports to find exactly examples like this. crazy spending on all kinds of things. okay so let's start with front runner according to poll on democrat side joe biden says pia
4:52 am
he paid $12,000 that's a lot to shell out isn't it? >> that is a ton. and for joe biden pia may be new arugula if you remember obama complaining about the price of arugula in 2007 well joe biden has a lot on his handle and may be asking what do i do with all of this pia. only okay. meanwhile, bernie sanders a man of the people turns out he's a millionaire. campaign swag a million worth of what? >> all kiengdz kinds of swag, obviously, he should have been spending this money paying his staff. [laughter] who have now unionized against had him but more than that i went on his campaign website we still have to pay for this swag like free health care, free college where's our free swag stop holding out on us. >> no kidding. john back in the single digit when it comes to the polls. but when it comes to buying a
4:53 am
cake, john delaney spent 700 bucks. >> yeah. i'm not sure how this is going to help john unless he's jumping out of the cake. i'm not sure it is really going help to his poll numbers. so good luck to him. >> all right. and finally the final one we're going to talk a little bit about is maryann williamson. she made a movie a self-help movie service 2,000 dollars. what was that about? >> well whenever the question is about maryann williamson my answer is just yes. she has on a journey of national discovery in front of the country and i'm here for it. so good luck girl. >> no kidding. some of the other expenditures joe biden spent according to this politico article, over 100,000 dollars on a launch ad that they never used. why would he waste that much money? >> yeah well when you're front runner rolling in cash i guess you can just pick which hundred thousand video you want to run.
4:54 am
but yeah. not necessarily fiscally responsible i think is donors might have something to say about that. >> yeah. when you look at these numbers what comes to mind? for you -- >> well what's interesting is you see a lot of kaingts just railing against these big companies on campaign trail but then using their services bense is a great example. he railed against amazon constantly so elizabeth warren but two campaigns have highest number of dollar amount of spending on amazon so same thing about facebook. they want to break up those companies but then spend millions of dollars on facebook ads. >> sure. i see joe biden spent ab quarter of a million dollars on private jet travel. pete 300,000 dollars on private jet travel. of course it is different when you're the president of the united states because you have assets of air force one at your disposal as well but how do these campaign expenses compare to the trump campaign expenses? >> well, i think i would point out that a lot of these
4:55 am
candidates who rail on us about climate change they don't drive those big suvs don't, you know, reduce your jet travel. are then jetting around in private sufficients but i will say at least trump campaign was clear they weren't hypocrite on this issue. >> i see cory booker spent 500 dollars to fix a car so at least he's not flying around the country. [laughter] let's hope about that wasn't a poor staffer that got wrecked for the car. >> is that what happened? >> i don't know but i wouldn't want to be that caffer if it was. rachel boulevard conservative partnership institute, thank you very much for giving us some facts behind the numbers. thank you. >> my pleasure. all right meanwhile joy blasting house republicans for how they treated robert mueller. look at this. disrespectful i thought the republicans they have a tendency to be disrespectful to veterans in the country. >> pete is gone to respond to joy in the next hour. also, it is a friday. you know what that means, and
4:56 am
skillet kicking off the concert series in just two minutes. ♪ did you know congress is working to end surprise medical billing? that's when patients are hit with medical bills they thought would be covered by insurance. the problem is big insurance companies want a one-size-fits-all approach that lets them decide what they'll pay doctors for yocare. letting insurance companies decide means it could be harder for you to see the best doctors when you need them the most. tell congress, "end surprise billing, and don't let insurance companies put profits over patients. paid for by physicians for fair coverage.
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. .
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♪ ♪ i hate what i have just become, i feel like a monster ♪ ♪ i feel like a monster
5:00 am
♪ ♪ because i if i let him out, why won't somebody come save me from this here ♪ i hate what i have become, the night has just begun, i must confess i feel like a monster. steve: two billion streams. one of the most successful christian rock bands in world history. skillet performing today. performing "monster". ainsley: not your standard hymn music. this is a heavy metal christian group. they are so popular in the christian world.
5:01 am
their song feel invincible went platinum. brian: huge crowd already. they gathered in the morning. that is john cooper playing next to his wife. with his kids in the bus outside. ainsley: they are still sleeping. i think you will wake them up. brian: mom, can you lower that? ainsley: do your kids like heavy metal? they don't. they like classical music. steve: they will be performing all hour long. go to "fox nation." go to ainsley: they're so sweet. brian: talk about sweet. how many people describe geraldo rivera. steve: who would those people be? brian: i'm not sure. ainsley: you and brian will not spar today? >> not going to spar. we'll rock on sixth avenue. that is what's happening. that is excellent. brian: where are you?
5:02 am
steve: in the hamptons. >> in the hamptons. basking in beach weather. missing you. i heard skillet all the way out here. steve: we'll play a sound bite of the president talking with sean hannity after the mueller report. we heard him speak the words what went into it. your observations about his performance a couple days ago, geraldo. >> before we hear from him? i thought mueller was old, frail, fragile. i felt very sorry for him. watching this war hero kind of dissolve before my very ice. it may me feel old. he is year younger than i am. he seemed befuddled. didn't have a grasp of his report. some people didn't read 480 page report. almost seemed as if the special counsel didn't read his own report. how could he not know gps
5:03 am
fusion, christopher steele, the sleazy dossier that led to so much agony the country put through lately. i was embarrassed for him anyway. i saw impeachment going up in smoke right before my eyes. ainsley: last night sean asked the president, did you watch the hearing, but i ended up watching more than i wanted to. he had some meetings. he ended up watching the afternoon session as well. this is what he said to sean. >> this is a fake witch-hunt. it should never be allowed to happen to another president again. this was treason. this was high crimes. they create this phony crime and then they say he obstructed. they said, there was no collusion but he obstructed. the crime was committed on the other side. and we'll find out about that. we have a great attorney general who is looking at it. i've been hearing a lot of the media is actually talking about investigate the investigators
5:04 am
and a lot more than that. i think a lot of good is going to come out of it. brian: geraldo, that is the president last night. i tell you what, if you theys impeachment is over he hasn't heard adam schiff and jerry nadler. i think they will move forward. >> they are voices from the path. brian: i agree. >> they're almost like desperate high school athletes trying to cling to their glory 30, 40 years later. ainsley: talking about me, geraldo? brian: i didn't have much glory. >> the gravest shadow on the trump presidency, revealed to be smoke and mirrors. you have a situation where outrageously, counterintelligence probe was launched against the president, persisted all the way until last year, trying to prove our president was a traitor. was guilty of treason. was putin's bitch.
5:05 am
it is pathetic what they were alleging the whole thing fell apart. people won pulitzer prizes behind this absolutely obscene allegations against the president. i understand his fury. was it treason? was it a coup attempt. i think those are inflammatory words. i don't think the president has to necessarily go there. the new attorney general, the william barr was only attorney general in the trump administration we wouldn't have gone through this agony. i'm confident attorney general barr will get to the root how this thing happened. the president's promise this never happens again comes true. steve: are you curious who was running the show, robert mueller was a figurehead he has since been depicted since his performance, who was calling shot? >> steve, that is an excellent, excellent question. i'm not a conspiracy theorist. i'm not necessarily a believer in the deep state, but i have to
5:06 am
stay within the fbi, within the department of justice, at the highest civil service level there seemed to be an attitude about this president as embodied by lisa page and peter strzok, they thought he was an enemy of the american people. they thought they could use their enormous hidden powers to you know nine and to undo the 2016 election. this something really went so far beyond the pale, i think historians will look at it. they won't look at purity ported contacts with russia. they know there were none. look at so many in high office, with esteemed reputations bought into the whole nonsense of the president in 2013 in moskow in the hotel in golden shower, used that to go against him that is what putin had against him. all this farsiful nonsense.
5:07 am
brian: too many f-words, you're getting me scared. >> you're on a roll you never know where i'm going. >> asking parents what some of these words are. so keep it clean. brian: nypd, everyone is aghast. their iconic logo is being sullied, now the fourth incident, a water incident of our officers on the streets just doing their job, being doused with buckets of water, a fourth separate episode has emerged. geraldo, a buy who worked here, understands the streets of new york city as good as anybody, this was taught in the academy to walk away. ainsley: kids are watching this. brian: this has got to stop. >> in my day, somebody with a billy club would have whacked me on the behind. that can't happen anymore. having gone through so many police funerals for officers
5:08 am
killed in the line of duty, i cannot abide this. this is absolutely disgusting to me. this is so embarrassing. new york lived through, i lived through the 60's, '70s, over 2000 homicides every single year. now it is 1/10 of that. the city is safest city on earth because of the thin blue line who protects against crime and anarchy and disorder. they should be revered. generally speaking they have been. brian: here is what the president said geraldo last night. >> probably the worst mayor in the history of new york city. he has done a bad job. now he is running for president. people can't even believe it. he is a horrible mayor. the policemen, just, and women cannot stand him. they don't respect him. they don't like him. remember they turned their back on him a couple years ago when he got up to speak, everybody turned their back. still they want to do it. they still have respect for the
5:09 am
office, if not him. we felt that was tragic watching that scene, a couple days ago, when i first saw it, i couldn't believe that. let me see that again. i don't believe what i'm seeing. steve: the news, apparently three people who were in some of those early episodes have been arrested and they have already made bail and are out, including the guy who apparently was a gang member with the crips. charges are all misdemeanor, in one case where one of the bucket s fried somebody's bodycam a they will face a slightly tougher charge. >> i think there was an assault committed. i would like to see an assault charge. brian: yes. >> you have a situation where new yorkers became spoiled. we had giuliani for two terms, bloomberg for three terms. we got spoiled with an administration that put the city back on track, that honored companies, and had different community speaking with each other, cops on the corner,
5:10 am
community policing and so forth, under de blasio, in my first month as a resident of new york city, with de blasio as mayor, it snowed in the upper east side. relatively upscale neighborhood. he wouldn't pick up the snow because he wanted other communities to be serviced before the one republican district in manhattan, the silk stocking district. showed his cards then. he is a an activist. he is not, you know, someone who really has a vision of all the group and city acting together, everyone pulling in the same direction. people being positive about the future of the city. de blasio seems much more divisive. no accident he is polling zero as he runs for president of the united states. he is extremely unpopular even in new york city. this incident, to not, to not generate outrain from the mayor i think is itself an outrage. brian: by the way a couple tweets. de blasio came back at the president. president called him out.
5:11 am
donald trump knows nothing about his hometown. he never lived a real new york city life. he should get get off twitter. nypd. get it straight. donald trump, jr. rebuilt the city in the '70s, '80s, '90s, that look like blank city you're now creating. he lived here when you were supporting socialism and sandraistas. he was a patriot. that is right back at the mayor. the mare was sympathetic to the sandinistas and he did live that life. >> i became friends with donald trump when he was a, in his 20s, developer in queens, borough of queens, county on long eye and. he came into new york. he saw the hotel commodore on 42nd street. it was a den of iniquity, hookers, junkies, muggers. it was 42nd, street, it was a cancer. trump came in, he redid it. it became the grand hyatt hotel. it was a magnet for the rebirth
5:12 am
of the entire times square area. did the same thing with the skating rink, with west side of manhattan t was a dump. all the pierce hightower residence, brand new neighborhood. golf course in the bronx. i would submit that trump has done a lot more for new york city than mayor de blasio. who is out of town. goes to the gym in different borough by escorted police convoys. the guy is totally out of touch. brian: he would be outraged if he was up. he usually sleeps until 10. >> should run against him. brian: you should. steve: out in long island. brian: geraldo for mayor. ainsley: geraldo, for mayor? brian: geraldo, come back. for mayor. >> no fighting with geraldo. brian: i want him to be mayor. ainsley: jillian has had lines.
5:13 am
jillian: we're learning more what happened to jeffrey epstein found nearly unconscious on his floor near the jail cell. they think the disgraced financeer was attack, an ex-cop held in the same unit originally did it. there was suspicion that epstein tried to injure himself. the focus shifted to nick tartigilione he is facing death penalty. he said he didn't see or hear anything. police believe they're closing in on teen murder suspects in a small town with one road in and out. canadian please believe they're hiding out in a swampy wilderness after they were spotted in the area twice. the search for the teens stretching 2000 miles across canada. they're suspected in killings of an american woman and her boyfriend and a college lecturer. a motive is unknown. today alexandria ocasio-cortez is set to follow
5:14 am
up on these remarks about meeting with nancy pelosi. >> are you interested in having a conversation face-to-face. >> oh, absolutely. >> with house speaker nancy pelosi? jillian: house speaker and freshman democrat will meet face-to-face after a public disagreement on twitter over a border aid package. we'll see what happens there. there is this. the baltimore orioles out last at los angeles angels in a 16 inning game that took more than six hours to finish. >> tags that one, right field. maybe you were right. way back. good-bye, home run. he gets -- jillian: two-run homer in the 16th inning giving baltimore the lead 10-8. centerfielder steve wilkerson preserves the lead. first position player to record a save on the pitcher's mound. the true heroes are the fans who stayed there. brian: both of them. might have been three if you
5:15 am
count the concession guy. ainsley: 14 minutes after the top of the hour. white house responding to both regimes this morning. we're live there next. paste we can help actively repair enamel in its weakened state. it's innovative. my go-to toothpaste is going to be pronamel repair. most people think a button is just a button. ♪ that a speaker is just a speaker. ♪ or - that the journey can't be the destination.
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. overnight north korea issuing a warning vowing to carry out more missile tests. brian: oh great. comes in response with joint military exercises between the u.s. and south career. steve: what is the american response? ellison barber outside of the whitehouse with the very latest. reporter: good morning to you guys. north korea is calling their latest missile launch as warning to south korea to stop importing weapons and joint military exercises with the united states. according to state run media they referred to the south koreans as warmongers. despite that the trump admin station from the secretary of state to the president tried to down play the launches. he spoke with sean hannity last night n the case of north korea. i'm getting along very well with him but we'll see what happens. he talked about how sanctions are still on. hostages have been returned.
5:20 am
he says that they have not tested missiles other than smaller ones which seem to be something that he was pointing to as significant in his view. all of this as iran test fires a medium-range ballistic missile. u.s. official tells fox news which is known as shahab 3, threw over 600 miles to an area outside of tehran to northern iran. tensions steadily increased since president trump with drew from the iran nuclear deal. he imposed harsh sanctions. they are holding a british oil tanker and 23 crewmembers captive. they seized tanker last week. a senior administration official told fox news they were aware of a reports after projectile, launched from iran. they said they had no further comment at this time. steve: ellison, thank you very much. iran wants sanctions lifted or changed because they are crippling them right now. north korea, doing a little
5:21 am
sabre-rattling before the talks with the president. brian: right. this is a brand new medium range missile, a type they have not seen before, but they're not necessarily fearful of it. fantastic. that mes they're banking sanctions. unbelievable. democrats say border detention centers are cruel. but are they really? griff jenkins got a look at one of the largest in the nation. he is live next. ainsley: here is skillet, performing, "feel invincible." ♪ ♪ i feel, feel it, invincible every day we choose we might win or lose, this is the a dangerous
5:22 am
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5:26 am
effects. steve: the patients suffered lung damage. reported using vapes. the health department is investigating. a california judge cut as 2 billion-dollar roundup verdict to $86 million. the judge ruling the couple's damage award was excessive and unconstitutional. they blame the weed killer roundup, for giving them cancer. bayer the company behind it plans to file an appeal. ainsley: you have been following that. democrats slam border detention centers having concentration camp conditions, fox news got an inside look at one of the largest i.c.e. facilities in the country. steve: we heard so many bad things about the detention centers. griff jenkins joins us from california with a exclusive tour you won't see anywhere else. reporter: that is right. this is one of the facilities across the country a few weeks ago, these protesters saying i.c.e. facilities were inhumane, lacked adequate supplies, didn't
5:27 am
have access to health care. we came to this one in adalanto. this is one of the largest of 33 across the country. the acting director of the l.a. field office gave us a first manned look what we wanted to see. here is what happened. watch. director, where are we? >> we're currently in the intake processing center at the adelanto processing center. this houses 1400 detainees after they get classified and booked in by facility. we give them hygiene items, soap, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, toothpaste. they have bed linens, socks shoes, shower shoes. uniform when detained. medical care is top-notch priority. we have full-time medical clinic. we offer phone calls for pro bono detainees. this is free phone call.
5:28 am
reporter: what is this area here? >> this is special housing area. this is for individuals that committed infractions. reporter: fighting? >> most common -- reporter: in custody? >> the most common custody is refusing staff orders and fighting. while they are in here. they have open movement. they have the ability to roam around the area. we have phone calls, phones for them to use. we books for them to use. individuals are able to play xbox and watch movies. reporter: you are playing soccer. this is the recreation yard? >> we're in the recreation yard. we offer detainees, anywhere two to three hours a day if not more. depending on availability. reporter: in terms of characterizations out there. there is a big national debate. what do you want people to know? >> when these individuals are detained here, we're giving them care and custody that they need. we'll do everything we can to keep the individuals safe while they're detained here. reporter: now steve, ainsley, there is about 1700 in this
5:29 am
facility behind me. there is 53,000 in i.c.e. custody across the country. here in this facility, more than 60% were convicted of a crime. one of those detainees we spoke to who was convicted of a crime, knoll beltran from el salvador, here is what he told me about the conditions inside. listen. here how do you think the conditions are? >> it is great for me, it is great. i can see my family. i can hug my family. i can hug my family. they're coming from hour 1/2 away. van nuys through orange, traffic. half an hour. sometimes 25 minutes. 21 minutes. cut off real quick. behind the glass. right here i have contact with my family. i can hug my kids. reporter: these are all adults over 18. there are no children here so this is different than what you've seen in texas, in the border patrol processing centers.
5:30 am
here on this premises, there are six doj immigration courts. all of these people are waiting for their cases or in some cases appeals to play out in the decision to be made, whether or not they're released from custody or whether they're deported. one final important note. steve, ainsley, brian, that is this. director giles said i hope that when the lawmakers who criticize our facilities and our handling of these detainees for which we have made health care and care a priority, we hope these lawmakers will see your piece, griff. that you will come to this facility. so giles has an open invitation, come to this one or any other one across the country, have a first-hand look before they criticize them again. brian: there is a crisis. everybody agrees. everybody went home. lawmakers went home for six weeks. so help is not on the way, sadly. but criticism always is. ainsley: how long are they usually there before they have that hearing?
5:31 am
reporter: the average stay here is about 70, 75 days. so a couple of months. although some of the migrants have been here upwards of six months to a year or longer because under our system they can appeal the appeals run through the ninth circuit court but the backlog of cases, is upwards of 900,000 across the country. we have more people coming. it's a little bit longer stay. however it is important to note, i.c.e. likes to point out, that stay while your case is being heard, in the case of this place, you saw what it is like. it is not very difficult overcrowding situation that we've seen down along the border. brian: griff, thanks. 29 minutes before the top of the hour. guess what, joy behar is still working. she is blasting house republicans how they treated robert mueller. >> they were very disrespectful i thought with the republicans. they have a tendency to be disrespectful to veterans in this country. brian: what do you want
5:32 am
dan abrams to do about it? pete hegseth is veteran the we'll find out what he thinks. ainsley: this is skillet, with a song called, "anchor". ♪ ♪ you're my anchor, you're my anchor ♪ [cheering] ♪all strength, no sweat... ♪no no no sweat...
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as spine and other bone fractures have occurred. prolia® can cause serious side effects, like low blood calcium; serious infections which could need hospitalization; skin problems; and severe bone joint, or muscle pain. are you ready? ask your doctor how prolia® can help strengthen your bones. ♪ >> because this should never happen to another president of the united states again. this is a absolute catastrophe for our country. this was a fake witch-hunt, and it should never be allowed to happen to another president again. this was treason. this was high crimes. this was everything, as bad a definition as you want to come up with, this should never be allowed to happen to our country again. steve: president last night talking to sean hannity in the first interview since
5:37 am
mr. mueller's testimony. pete hegseth joins us, co-host of "fox & friends weekend." a former army veteran. >> good morning. steve: we haven't talked to you since you heard mr. mueller testify. what do you think he had to say? >> it was literally underwhelming, they should have checked his pulse before they put him on the stand. that is not to disparage him and his age. he served incredibly honorably in vietnam and i respect his service at fbi. he was a figurehead. they brought in the attorney at the last minute. nothing was added, if you're looking for impeachment as a democrat. today is a bad day. it was over. ainsley: he did not know his own report. did not know what fusion gps was. it was embarrassing. who should be held to account for that? the democrats. who forced this man to testify. he didn't want to. he wanted report to see for himself. they will want to hear from me. he went to a podium with the a press conference. dragged him as a subpoena for private citizen.
5:38 am
shame for the democrats, it is on them. steve: i'm glad you said that. joy behar was not blaming the democrat who hauled him in under the threat of subpoena. she is blaming the republicans. listen to this. >> they were very disrespectful i thought, the republicans. they have a tendency to be disrespectful to veterans in this country. really, i don't want to hear the republicans say that they are patriotic party anymore. i don't want to hear it or family values as long as they're locking up children. i don't want to hear it anymore. brian: right. or you could say the republicans are the ones rebuilding the military with three straight requests of $770 billion. what they have done with the va. your witness, joy behar, does she make a lot of sense? >> did she ever make a lot of sense? brian: not yet. >> she really doesn't. so we're clear, check joy behar, she never criticized lindsey graham, doug collins, joni ernst, lee zeldin, martha mcsally, all the republican
5:39 am
combat veterans of the it's a means of retreat for her. bob mueller has a terrible performance. she has the disease of trump derangement syndrome. can't get past it. he fails. you can't attack him, shame on you. i don't come on this program, brian, we disagree, hey, geraldo, i disagree. i'm a veteran. mueller would never say that she never makes any sense. why do we cover her? ainsley: that has has nothing to do with the issue. we and democrats an republicans love our veterans. >> one thing to love your veterans. another thing to invest in them. rebuild the military. believe enough in them so they should have a choice for their health care at va if you're democrats today, you want to decimate the military. trap them in a single-payer government-run health care system. that is not booed for vets. brian: do you remember john mccain? john mccain how he used to go after generals, general abizaid or general petraeus when they didn't have the answers he
5:40 am
wanted, he would spar with them. >> get what is wrong at pentagon too. you can criticize it because they know what is under the tent. steve: the president has great confidence in the attorney general. he will get to the bottom of what happened. >> that i can't wait for. >> horowitz, barr, all of it. brian: who covers it. very curious. steve: go ahead talk a little bit about the 2020 race. there will be a big debate coming up next week. that should be interesting from detroit. a brand new "fox news poll," shows joe biden is leading the pack substantially. he started strong, went back down. now he is back up 33%. bernie and elizabeth warren at about half that. kamala harris at 10. when you look where he was just about a month ago, you know what, joe biden is holding steady at about a third of the people polled. >> that says a couple things. one, that his name i.d. and ability to raise money still important but more importantly the democrat really want to beat
5:41 am
president trump. that is number one issue for them. if you believe joe biden is the best guy to do that. you're still in his camp. this is national poll, not as important as the early states. but if you look at kamala harris, elizabeth warren, and bernie sanders, who are all left-wingers, they all gained support as well. this is a clear four-person race at this point. you add three of them together they beat joe biden. the real energy is the left. early, early on this poll. it is a good sign for a fledgling? brian: fledgling? either way a lot of hot air coming out. 56% said the key is to defeat president trump. just to back up your point. the other thing i think is noteworthy. head-to-head with the president, he beats president trump by 10 points. sanders by beats him by six. warren and harris basically flat-footed tie. >> early, early, barely buy it.
5:42 am
doesn't matter. joe biden has to go through the maid grinder of all the de-- meat grinder. i will be at the a diner. >> what was phrase he used, basically the next debate. >> he is out publicly trying to already get in front of the criticisms they will make. maybe playing prevent defense. so he doesn't have to fight like last time. steve: what do you have this weekend? >> lawrence jones, lara trump. sore to the campaign. have you guys had a "shark tank" on your show? >> no. we had people from "shark tank." >> we have a tank with baby sharks. ainsley: are you getting in it? >> i hadn't thought about that. if they ask me to do it. i will probably do it. ainsley: put griff in the cage. >> he would be more fitting. ainsley: let's volunteer him.
5:43 am
brian: you're all over fox nays. six more episodes, "what made america great." daughters of american revolution. what women did to preserve our history. you will not believe it. william casey, a huge impact on world war ii, marshall plan, iran-contra, working with the pope, to defeat the soviet union. mount vernon, show you a mace in mount vernon you haven't seen. for the mchenry where "the star-spangled banner" was written. museum of american history outside of philadelphia. november 9th, 10th, charlotte, north carolina. birmingham, alabama. i might drive. san antonio, texas, brian we did them live, streamed on "fox nation." we'll do it again. get tickets. ainsley: do you get nervous talking to a live audience? brian: not yet. it is fun. ainsley: go on, look at picture, brian and pete. you have your t-shirt on, see the we the people tattoo.
5:44 am
brian: how. >> who how do we get back to tatoos, go to the app store. >> free trial. what do you have to lose. >> this is netflix for conservatives. you will not get stuff like what brian doing anywhere else. brian: if you do i will be really disappointed. steve: away from cable tv, want fox news stuff, "fox nation" is way to do it. on our phone. brian: speaking of working this weekend, you will work this weekend. jillian: working out of d.c. catch you at noon on saturday. 1:00 p.m. on sunday. shameless plug. let's get you started on a headline that we're following. remains of a girl that went missing 34 yearsyears ago. she was last seen 12 years old in 1984. her body was found by workers digging a pipeline south of her hometown in greenleaf, colorado. no arrests have ever been made. former president ronald reagan mentioned matthews when pushing newspapers to publish the photos
5:45 am
of missing children nationwide. a man walks away unharmed after a tire smashes into his car on the highway. you have to see this video. look at this. a loose wheel rolling down the new jersey highway, watch. it jumps that median. smashing then into the front of an off-duty officer's car. thankfully he was not seriously hurt. the tire does appear to be from a dump truck. police are investigating. how about this a patriotic punishment fits the crime. a missouri teen, caught on surveillance camera, stealing a flag from the car wash. the veteran posted video on facebook. they quickly identified the thief to apologize. they invited him to hand out american flags to customers. the teen agreed. >> i stole it. i made a mistake. >> this is great thing you're doing. >> i appreciate it. >> hopefully teaches you a
5:46 am
lesson in the future, right? >> yes, ma'am. jillian: look at that. he said he did this because he didn't want the teen to get arrested. steve: that is nice. brian: people make mistakes. steve: quarter before the top. hour, fox news alert. this is a live look in queens, new york, where police are investigating a bomb scare. ainsley: a man struck by a subway train, found with a backpack containing a suspicious device. brian: robert moses as usual all over us for our fox affiliate, channel 5 with the breaking information. what are they telling you? did throw himself in front of the train? reporter: just learning some new information in the last few minutes. bear with me. you can see this police response. there are elevated train tracks just beyond me. you see the police vehicle, above that is where the train tracks are. here is what a source is telling me this morning. around 6:45 a man who was identified to me by the source
5:47 am
as kin yip. he is 68 years old. he jumped in front of a northbound a train as the train pulled into the station here in queens. he is likely to die of his injuries after jumping in front of that train. here is the thing, as police responded they found a backpack on the platform, on the elevated platform. they brought the backpack down to the street for inspection. when they looked in the backpack they found a gray pipe wrapped in what i'm told is electrical tape with caps on both ends. i'm told by a source this is likely a people bomb, likely a pipe bomb. it did not explode, however. police are investigating, examining this device. back to you. steve: scary stuff. thank you very much, robert moses. police say that the device has been apparently deemed safe, rendered harmless. meanwhile, 12 minutes before
5:48 am
the top of the hour. don't go anywhere, skillet is performing live for the all american summer concert series. here they perform "hero." ♪ ♪ i am just a man. not superhuman. ♪ i need a hero to save me now, i need a hero.
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>> morning everybody, i'm bill hemmer on a friday. speaker nancy pelosi is meeting with aoc. we are watching. hang on for more on that. new from overnight, north korea with a warning, what is that all about? president's first reaction since the mueller hearing. you will hear it coming up in a moment. come along for a friday. skillet is alarm clock for manhattan up and down the island. here they come. stay tuned, guys. see you in a couple minutes. ♪ ainsley: we are cooking off week 10 of our all american summer concert series sponsored by
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6:00 am
skillet! >> thank you so much for coming out. i think it's the biggest crowd we've had. thank you so much for being here. >> go to the "after the show show". are you guys ready for that one? have a great weekend. stay within yourself. >> bill: we're awake now. good morning. friday. at this moment pelosi and ocasio-cortez holding a closed door meeting on capitol hill. an attempt to clear the air coming after weeks of tension between speaker pelosi and four freshman congresswomen. we're keeping an eye on this. in addition we'll hear from speaker pelosi holding a weekly news conference a bit later. stay tuned for all that inside "america's newsroom." also new from overnight. new this morning rising tensions on two fronts. first with north korea speaking out in his first missile test in two months calling it a solemn warning to south korea as we say good morning. almost made it on a friday. bill mm


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